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Spicer Transmissions.

Spicer Transmission Parts.
Rebuilt Spicer Transmissions.

Spicer Factory Reman Models:

Rebuilt Medium-Duty Transmissions EASY-SHIFT 5-Speeds EASY-SHIFT 7-Speeds Rebuilt Spicer Five Speed, Seven Speed, Nine Speed, Ten Speed and Eighteem Speed Transmissions. Heavy-Duty Transmission. PRO-SHIFT 6-Speeds PRO-SHIFT 7-Speeds PRO-SHIFT 9-Speeds PRO-SHIFT 10-Speeds PRO-SHIFT 18-Speeds Rebuilt Spicer Auxiliary Transmissions. Spicer Transmission Parts Warehouse. New & Rebuilt and Used Spicer Transmission Parts. We stock the complete Spicer Transmission Parts catalog at discount prices with World wide shipping. CALL: (888) 9-4-GEARS For a fast free quote. Be sure to have the data tag information off your transmission when calling to get the most accurate price available.

Factory Reman Warranty:

Spicer offers the industries best warranty.

Spicer Factory Remanufactured Transmissions are often shipped at no charge to your shop or repair facility.

Ask you customer service representitive for details.

Factory Remanufactured Spicer Transmission Exports:

When exporting Spicer factory remanufactured transmissions out of the United States of America there are certain things only the exporter can do.

A lot of paperwork is involved, however, we are well versed in the exportation of truck transmissions and parts and have been doing so for years now.

We know what paperwork is needed and how to fill it out. We know who to contact and where to go for the best shipping rates to save you money.

We are the Spicer Factory Reman Export Experts!

We Deliver Quality in every unit we sell. Backed by our long commitment to excellence and service.

Spicer Transmissions Delivered.

Call Today Toll Free at
888 9-4-Gears.

Our courteous staff is standing by to help you with ordering, discount pricing, availability and logistics.

We can ship your factory reman Spicer transmissions today In most cases from our stock. Some units will come directly from the factory and may be eligible for free shipping. Ask your sales rep for details.

You may want to also consider a fully rebuilt unit from one of our rebuild centers. Only the highest quality OEM parts are used and each unit is completely disassembled, cleaned and all parts with even the slightest sign of ware are replaced.

You will only need to make one call. That's because we stock them all. For parts sales, service or repairs give us a call at 888 944-3277 or CONTACT US through our contact page.

Factory Reman

(Remanufactured) Spicer units are available in most models as well as brand new units direct from the manufacturer.

For more information

on Rebuilt, New or Used Spicer Transmissions call or E-mail us today. For a quote on: Parts, Sales, Service or just some Advice, give us a call. We will be glad to help.

Our reputation as a supplier of re-manufacturer transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, PTO and truck drivetrain components and parts has been built on our commitment to quality, service, respect and customer support.

Worldwide Shipping and Delivery.

Shipping warehouses located throughout the United Satate of America for fast domestic fast delivery services. Export services are available from most locations.

Spicer Factory Reman Transmission Information: Toll Free:

888 944-3277

888 9-4 GEARS

Call any time. M-F 8AM to 5PM

EST or send us an eMail

Contact Page

Spicer Transmissions and Parts Delivered Anywhere in the World.

Providing only the highest quality rebuilt transmissions, parts, sales, service and repairs.

Spicer Transmission Service and Repair:

Top quality trained technicians, OEM parts and know how means you receive the most reliable remanufactured transmissions available on the market today. Bar none!

There are many imitators out there so beware. They use aftermarket Chinese parts, untrained builders, backyard grease-ball mechanics, and poor management with no sense of right and wrong. They know who they are but the BIG question is, "Do you"? Give us a call anytime we are here to help.

Factory Spicer Transmissions.

Spicer Transmission and Exchange. All models and repair parts in stock ready to ship Worldwide. One call does it all. International shipping, same day service on all orders. Spicer transmissions available in: Five 5, Six 6, Seven 7, Eight 8, Nine 9, Ten 10 and Thirteen 13 speed models.

Spicer Factory Reman Transmission - Spicer Remanufactured Truck Transmissions, Spicer Factory Remanufactured Transmissions For Sale as well as Rebuilt Exchange Models Including: Spicer ES Transmissions.
The Spicer line features 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 speed transmissions. Thousands of Spicer Transmissions and all related repair and replacement parts in Stock for instant delivery to your shop or repair facility.

Spicer Heavy Duty Transmissions Available:

PRO SHIFT 6 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 7 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 9 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 10 Speeds.
PRO SHIFT 18 Speeds.

Spicer Auxiliary Transmissions Available:

AMO1750-4C Auxiliary Transmission.
APO1750-4C Auxiliary Transmission.
ATO1750-4C Auxiliary Transmission.
AMO1750-4D Auxiliary Transmission.
APO1750-4D Auxiliary Transmission.
ATO1750-4D Auxiliary Transmission.

You need the right replacement part to repair, rebuild or overhaul your truck and we deliver them fast at discount prices, Worldwide.

Spicer Factory Reman Transmission For Sale at Deep Discount Prices.
Buy Direct and Save!

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Spicer Factory Remanufactured Transmission Models Available:

Factory Reman Spicer Transmission Model We Stock:
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 13, 15, 18 and 20 Speeds:

SPICER TRANSMISSION MODELS WE STOCK. 5652 5652A 5652-A 5652B 5652-B 5752 5752A 5752-A 5752C 5752-C 5753 5753A 5753-A 5756B 5756-B 5852 5852A 5852-A 5852B 5852-B 5853 5853A 5853-A 5853B 5853-B 5853C 5853-C 6352 6352A 6352-A 6352B 6352-B 6352C 6352-C 6352D 6352-D 6352E 6352-E CM40 4054A 4054-A CM4054A CM4054-A 4054D 4054-D CM4054 CM4054D CM4054-D CM49 CM4954 CM4954A CM4954-A CM4954D CM4954-D CM50 CM5252A CM5252-A CM55 ES42-5 ES42-5D ES43-5 ES46-5 ES46-5A ES46-5D ES52-5 ES52-5D ES53-5 ES52-7 ES52-7B ES56-5 ES56-5D ES56-7 ES56-7B ESO66-7 ESO66-7B ES62-5 ES62-5A ES62-5D ES62-7 ES67-7 ES67-5A ES67-5D ES70-5 ES70-5A ES70-5D 1241 1241C 1241D P1241C P1241D AMO1000-4C ATO1000-4C AMO1000-4D ATO1000-4D APO1000-4C APO1000-4D ASO56-7B ASO66-7B AS125-9A AS135-9A AS140-9A ASO125-9A ASO135-9A ASO140-9A ASO145-9A ASO150-9A LAS125-9A LAS140-9A LASO125-9A LASO140-9A LASO150-9A AS100-10D AS125-10D AS135-10D AS145-10D ASO100-10S ASO125-10S ASO140-10S ASO150-10S ASO165-10S LAS100-10D LAS125-10D LAS135-10D LAS145-10D LASO125-10D LASO140-10D LASO150-10D LLAS100-10D LLAS125-10D LLAS135-10D LLAS145-10D LLASO125-10D LLASO140-10D LLASO150-10D PS130-5A PS130-6B PSO140-6A PS110-7A PS145-7A PS110-7B PS95-9A PS125-9A PS140-9A PSO125-9A PSO140-9A PSO150-9A LPS140-9A LPSO125-9A LPSO140-9A LPSO150-9A PS100-10D PS125-10D PS135-10D PS145-10D PSO100-10S PSO125-10S PSO140-10S PSO150-10S PSO165-10S LPS100-10D LPS125-10D LPS135-10D LPS145-10D LPSO100-10S LPSO125-10S LPSO140-10S LPSO150-10S LPSO165-10S LLPS100-10D LLPS125-10D LLPS135-10D LLPS145-10D LLPSO100-10S LLPSO125-10S LLPSO140-10S LLPSO150-10S LLPSO165-10S PS86-10V PSO115-10V PSO125-10V PSO145-10V PSO150-16B PSO165-16B PSO175-16B PSO175-16M PSO175-16SM PSO165-18B PSO175-18B PSO175-18M PSO175-18SM

Spicer Transmissions Factory Remanufactured:

10072A 10073A 1020-3A 1062-B 1062A 1062C 1107-2A 1207-2B 12113A 1241C 1252 A 1253-A 1263 A 1263A 1352-A 1372-8 1372-B 1372B 1414-3A 1420-03 1420-3B 1453-A 1824 1854 1954 2300 2574 3152 3152-F 3152F 4000 4054-D 4054D 4600 4700 4900 4954-D 5052 5052-H 5252 5252H 5510 5552-D 5652 5662 5752-B 5752C 5753-A 5852 5852A 6031 6041 6052-A 6052-D 6231A 6306X 6352-B 6452-A 6453-A 6835-C 6852-C 6852-G 6852-S 6853 6853-G 7000 7141A 7231B 7231D 7452-B 8031C 8035G 8051 8100 8341 8341D 8345G 8552A 8844A 9072A 9400 ASO140-10S ASO150-10 AVS-22 C65 C8000 CM4052-A CM4054-D CM4054D CM4954D CM5052-A CM5052-C CM5052A CM5052C CM5252-A CM5552-A CM5552-D CM5552D CM5852A CM5952-D CM5952D CM60 CM6052-B CM6052-D CM6052C CM6053C CM6253-B CO1850B ES 53-5D ES065-7A ES42-5A ES425A ES43-5 ES43-5A ES435 ES435D ES465A ES52-5A ES52-7A ES525D ES53-5 ES53-5A ES535A ES56-5A ES565A ES60-5A ES605C ES605E ES62-5A ES6206A ES6306A ES65-5D ES655B ES655E ES675A ES70-5A ESO 65-7A ESO65-7A ESO66-7B ESO667D F800 FL70 L8501 LN700 LN8000 LPS1409A LTS9000 P1241C PS 95-9A PS-105-7LL PS-140-7A PS0100-10S PS0150-9A PS110-7B PS1107A PS125-7 PS125-9A PS1305A PS140-9A PS145-7-A PS145-9A PS959A PSO 100-10SP PSO 14O-9A PSO 1509 A PSO-110-7A PSO-125-9A PSO-15-010S PSO100-10S PSO110-7A PSO125-10S PSO1259A PSO140-10S PSO14009 PSO1406A PSO150-9A PSO165-10S PSO16510S PSO9VPD RP8516-3A RP8716-3B SST10 T905 T905-C 1700 2000 4200 4900 8100 8300 9400 C70 COE D700 F700 FLC120 J90 L8000 LN7000 LN9000 LTS9000 S1600 S1800 S2300 1252A 1007-3A 10072B 1010-3A 1052A 1062-C 1062B 1107 1207-2A 1207-3A 1214-3A 1241D 1252-A 1262-A 1263-A 13102A 1362-C 1372-A 1372A 1414-2A 1420 O/D 1420-3A 1452-A 1800 1900 203 2500 3053A 3152-1 3152A 3153 4054-A 4054A 4300 4652 4752 4954-A 4954D 5052 A 5052A 5252A 5464 5552 5552A 5652-B 5752 5752-C 5753 5756-B 5852-A 5853-A 6031A 6044 6052-C 6052A 6253-B 6352 6352-D 6453 6463 6852 6852-E 6852-K 6852G 6853-C 6853C 7041 7231 7231C 7352B 8016-B 8031G 8045 8054-B 8245-B 8341C 8341F 8516-3A 8553A 907-2A 9200 ASO125-10S ASO14010S AT1202AUX C5500 C70 CM 6052C CM4054-A CM4054A CM4954 CM50 CM5052-B CM5052-D CM5052B CM5052D CM5252A CM5552-C CM5552A CM5852-A CM5952-A CM5952C CM5952E CM6052-A CM6052-C CM6052A CM6052D CM6253-A CM6352 ES 52-7A ES SERIES ES066-7B ES42-5D ES425D ES43-5-D ES43-5D ES435A ES46-5A ES52-5 ES52-5D ES52-7B ES527A ES53-5-D ES53-5D ES535D ES56-7B ES567B ES60-5D ES605D ES62-5 ES62-5D ES625A ES65-5A ES655A ES655D ES665A ES675D ES70-5D ESO605D ESO657A ESO667B F700 FL50 FL80 FRLOF14410C-T2 L8000 L9000 LN7000 LNT9000 LTA9000 PS SERIES PS-125-9A PS0-150-9A PS0140-10S PS110-7A PS110-7E PS1107B PS125-7B PS1259A PS140-7A PS1409A PS145-7A PS14510D PS97-7A pso 140-10s PSO 150-9A PSO-10VPD PSO-125-10S PSO-140-9A PSO-150-9A PSO10VPD PSO11510V PSO125-9A PSO140-10 PSO140-9A PSO14010S PSO150-10S PSO15016B PSO165-16B PSO16516B R8341C RP8516-3E S1954 T210-59 T905-A 1800 3800 4700 7000 8200 9200 9800 B700 C70 C800 ES65-5A F800 J80 KODIAK LN700 LN800 LTA9000 S1700 S1900 S2600

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